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There is a lot of talk about when it comes to your mindset.

Consider this... think back to your high school PE Teacher, Favorite Coach, or another individual in your life that you have worked with as a developing kid. Many of the pre-game pep talks you had were centered on mindset. Things such as:

  • Having the attitude of a winner

  • Visualizing yourself winning

  • Picturing yourself achieving an ideal outcome

The problem with that though is that there was too much emphasis placed on the outcome or the overall goal, and not enough emphasis placed on the process to achieve the goal.

This is where we will work together to establish these habits.

With my clients, I intentionally put this area first. If you start your program off with the wrong mindset or a mindset that is overly focused on the outcome, instead of the process, you will struggle with this program and eventually give up.

For the past 16 years, I have been working with men and women like yourself. I have established a track record of helping people move towards health and fitness being an integral part of who they are, not just what they do. Now you will be learning the same 4 Core Mindset Principles.

Do small things daily to reinforce your commitment to yourself and being healthier.

Sure this may sound like something easy to do, but I can assure you it is not. All too often, we find ourselves doing nothing because we can’t do the thing we wanted to do or had planned to do. Take this, for example. You had planned to go for a run first thing in the morning. However, you had a rough night and woke up too exhausted to execute the session you had planned to do. You fall into the old routine of a quick sugary breakfast, an extra cup of coffee, and scroll through Facebook before you head into the office. WHAT IF...instead of excess caffeine and numbing out on your phone, you went for a short walk and cooked a healthy breakfast.

If you plan for evening many times have you missed it because you were too tired, or you ran out of time because something made you run late and prevented you from leaving on time.

NO matter what it is, you ultimately missed the workout because you couldn’t do it according to your plan.


When making a fundamental shift like the one you are embarking on, it's the small things that add up. Things such as going for a walk because you don’t have the capacity for a full workout, or don’t have the time to do a complete exercise routine will pay dividends in your long term success!

Count your wins regardless of their size!

For most people, it is easier to see the negative side of something than the positive side. You’ll see this gets hard when we talk about the 4th principle.

At the end of every day, you need to count your wins. Even if you ate half a package of Oreos and drank three beers out of the six-pack, I want you to remind yourself that you didn’t eat the whole package, and you still have three beers for tomorrow!

I know this may sound crazy to you, but I can assure you that it is vital to your success, and here is why. Did you know…

  • You have approximately 20,000 - 80,000 thoughts going through your mind daily.

  • You are unaware of approximately 95% of those daily thoughts.

  • 70% of those thoughts are either recurring or negative thoughts.

Think about that for a minute… you are unaware of 95% of your thoughts, and you combine that with the negative self-talk after you didn’t follow through on your plan, and you start a mental validation process of not being successful because you failed on something, again! Talk about a massive effect on your brain and the way you view yourself! It's ultimately the reason why you have tried and failed or haven’t been able to maintain a plan when it comes to health and fitness. As soon as you make a decision that doesn’t live up to your standards, you beat yourself up mentally over it, which impacts your serotonin levels (the happy hormone) by driving them down, and increases your cortisol levels (the stress hormone). Part of your journey is going to be finding wins every day and counting them, regardless of their size!

You are never derailed or off track; you only took a slight detour.

Have you ever had those days that just don’t go your way?

Or better yet, whenever you start a program, it seems like every possible event where bad eating is going to take place gets on the schedule, and all of a sudden the next six Saturdays, you find yourself struggling to stay on track? This is common to EVERYONE and is how it will be for the rest of your life!

You know those times when you mess up a little on your nutrition plan you can easily rationalize that the whole day, the whole weekend, or sometimes the whole week are a waste now! You essentially let a small misstep become a total derailment.

It’s time for you to see that you don’t need to throw a whole day, weekend, or week away because of one bad meal. When we fall into this sort of trapped mindset of “I messed it up so I might as well just start all over again tomorrow, or Monday,” you feed into that negative self-talk loop.

If you treat these incidents as a singular occurrence and then adjust accordingly to make the next meal back to your ideal, you won’t get caught up in it and lose momentum.

Practice Gratitude

You have to practice gratitude every day.

When you start your day with an attitude of gratitude, it puts you in the right mindset to go about your day. Honestly, this is probably the hardest area for most men.

When was the last time you thanked your body for being capable of what you ask it to do, regardless of the health issues it may be going on?

When was the last time you showed gratitude for your spouse or significant other and appreciated them for what they do?

How about your kids or your boss or co-workers?

I recommend that you start by writing down three things every day that you are thankful for, regardless of how silly them may seem to you.

Next, send two notes, texts, or emails, thanking an individual in your life.

Do this without expecting anything in return.

This, by no means, is an exhaustive list of mindset principles to work on. However, these 4 Core Mindset Principles will have a huge impact on your success in this program, as I have seen it over and over with hundreds of clients over the years. When you commit to them, everything else falls into place. We will talk about them each week. They will ultimately determine your long term success.

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