About Jason Owings

Growing up as a very inquisitive kid, not much has changed. Jason’s incredible need to learn and ask questions has led him to accumulate an incredible amount of knowledge. Some might say he is the “king of random facts”. Which he is!


As a lifelong athlete, he has made it his mission to learn about the human body, supplements, biohacking, and optimizing performance. But helping people is more than sharing information. Jason has a natural ability to relate to his clients in a way that allows him to help each client create change in their health, fitness, performance, and life. Over the years he has attained multiple industry-leading certifications encompassing everything from holding a current Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach certificate as well as being a Certified Online Trainer, to a B.S. in Sports Management with an emphasis on fitness and wellness and countless others over the years.  Combining that with thousands of hours of hands-on experience over the years he has honed his craft to meet the needs of each one of his clients.


When you choose to work with Jason he will ask you a very important question, “Are you ready to commit to yourself as much as I am going to?” He puts his all into his clients and expects the same in return. THIS is why results happen!